Our Clients


Through 4points Iraq, our clients include US-based development consultancies, US government agencies, Iraqi government agencies and multilateral organizations.

4Points’ combination of local knowledge, technical expertise and effective management makes them a valued and respected partner on our work in Iraq. I was pleased to learn that 4Points is registering in the U.S. and would welcome the opportunity to partner with them in the future in Iraq or another country in the region.

"Without reservation, I recommend 4Points as an implementing partner to other organizations and donors working in Iraq or elsewhere in the region.”
Brad E Favor, Director of Field Operations, Management Systems International

"4points is familiar with Iraqi local organizations and civil society and has been able to quickly mobilize staff and resources for the implementation of program activities. This has been particularly helpful in the survey activity since 4points' knowledge of the terrain and conditions on the ground have expedited its implementation. 4points' greatest strength is that it is an organization based in Iraq with a good knowledge of the operational challenges of post-conflict zones like Iraq and that it understands the needs of American organizations and is able to respond appropriately to them. When provided with feedback, 4points' staff members have taken pertinent actions to remedy problems or improve upon best practices. In short, Tt DPK has been more than satisfied with the work that 4points has done in the Iraq Access to Justice Program and would contract them for any future work in the region."
Geralyn Busnardo, Director, Tetra Tech DPK

"4points has demonstrated ability to recruit, employ, train, and manage Iraqi professionals to implement complex projects, and has established itself as the leading Iraqi company of its kind that is capable of understanding and meeting the strict standards of quality demanded by the international development community. Berger regards 4points as a valuable partner in the implementation of private sector development initiatives and would recommend 4points to other donor agencies as a company that is uniquely positioned to make an equally valuable contribution."
Baljit Vohra, Vice President, Integrated Development and Lead Manager, UAE-Dubai Office, The Louis Berger Group

"4points has revolutionized the way that Center for International Private Enterprise does its work in Iraq. The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) heavily depends upon and highly recommends 4points as an implementing partner able to mobilize highly qualified Iraqi professionals of various specializations across the northern, central and southern regions of Iraq, and as a valuable partner in development of program strategy on a technical level. Moreover, CIPE commends 4points for the ability to manage turn-key economic development projects on a national scale. CIPE strongly recommends 4points to other donors who are working in the field of economic development for its ability to mobilize resources, recruit personnel, manager turn-key projects, work on a national scale, and engage the business community and Iraqi Government on both a grass-roots and national level. There is no other Iraqi company or NGO that CIPE has encountered in all of its work in Iraq that is as effective in all of these areas as 4points is."
Abdulwahab Alkebsi, Middle East and North Africa Regional Director, Center for International Private Enterprise

"4points proved itself to be a valuable partner in the assessment of the ALP (Accelerated Learning Program) program, able to mobilize teams in all provinces across Iraq, while maintaining a high quality standard of performance throughout the entire assessment implementation UNICEF can recommend 4points to other donor agencies as a valuable Iraqi partner that can provide implementation teams in any province in Iraq to manage complex assessments and other kinds of projects involving integration of program management as well as government and donor coordination."
Mette Nordstrand, Chief- Education, UNICEF

"The Cultural Affairs Office at U.S. Embassy Baghdad is pleased to recommend 4 points Group as one of the best local partners with which we have had the privilege of working"
Cultural Affairs Office, U.S. Embassy Baghdad

"...With its team of Iraqi and American Management [4points] brings a rare combination of Iraqi know-how and experience plus American resourcefulness and dedication to every aspect of its work in this difficult, conflict-ridden environment."
Jeffrey Lodermeier, U.S. Department of State